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29 August 2008 

Guitar Praise: Solid Rock

Link Here.

A Christian version of Guitar Hero? The inevitability of this is so amazing I can't believe I never anticipated it. I suppose they may find a good market here in a very captive audience of kids who's parents wouldn't let them play the regular Guitar Hero because of the vile and evil influence of secular music. What remains to be seen is whether the Christian derivative can manage to not offend users with its production value. It's bad enough that Christian entertainment is such a knock off of the general culture's rather then being original, but products like this have a tendency to be extremely cheaply produced attempts at capturing the money of evangelicals, and since they sort of have the only product on the market, who cares if it isn't up to par with industry standards?

That said, if the quality is up to snuff, it's not a bad idea for a product. Christian music is popular, and there are even some songs on the track list that I rather like, and the main appeal of Guitar Hero is the song content of each version. For people who listen to and like Christian music, this game could be a win/win situation. I won't be buying it, but then again, I didn't buy the regular version either. Maybe I need wider musical tastes.

I actually thought they should make a version like this one and "Country Rock Star" for Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I am really surprised a separate company is tackling it. Unless, I misunderstood the posting...

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