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13 May 2008 

Spring and Summer

Looks like I never got around to writing the last couple of posts that I thought I was going to. The spring was busy, but I can't say I regret not writing recently. Writing is self involved by nature maybe. The idea that I have something to say that is valuable enough for you to spend your time reading requires at least a hint of the idea that I think I have something worth saying.

Champaign seems very different to me this week. Not just that people are gone, but some people are gone. The town itself seems different to me with the changes that are going on, with people leaving. This happens every year, but this year I have hte very appreciable and growing feeling of becoming more tied to Champaign itself -- and Carle-- then to the University.

I recently purchased a bicycle to start commuting the 4.8 miles to work over the warm months this summer. I think it's actually motivated out of laziness. I never seem to find the time to get a good workout in after work, but I figure if I make my means of getting to work dependant on my workout, the problems will just sort of take care of themselves. I put 33 miles on the bike in this my first week, and was pleased to discover that the 5 mile commute only takes 22 minutes from the house.

I'm also planning my first vacation as an adult. I'm taking 7 days off this summer to travel to Cedar Campus and visit my favorite place. The longest stretch I have gone without working in the last 2 years is 4 days, so having the 11 days off (7 work days + 4 weekend days) is going to be quite relaxing, and maybe a little unnerving.

Theologically and spiritually I feel like I am just continuingly realizing how frequently I am wrong, and how much that I still have left to learn. I would say it is not so much that my beliefs or positions have changed, but that I am no longer so sure that the people who disagree with me are wrong or that being right is all that important. Hopefully I won't take nearly so long between this and my next post, but honestly, until I find something more compelling to write about then my own goings on, it may in fact be as long or longer assuming turns out as busy as I think that it will.

That is a pity my friend, for I love reading your posts. :) Glad to hear the commute on the bike is going well.

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