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17 December 2007 

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

It's the end of the year, and I feel tired. Very very tired. Work, circumstances, responsibilities, I just have very little gas left in my tank. A snowstorm this weekend kept me from being able to go to my grandparents for our yearly Christmas get together. Staying home all day yesterday was disappointing, and I'm not sure I've ever missed one of these get togethers in my 25+ years alive.

I do enjoy this time of year immensley however. I love the winter, the time around Christmas, snow and decorations. It is almost always a very agreeable time of year for me. I feel the same this year. Even though it's winter, I feel renewed in a very spring-ish sort of way. I feel renewed, I feel like I've rerailed the train that got so off track in the past year plus. Increasing responsibility at work is appreciated, but it is also a significant stressor. Not only emotionally/mentally, but in turns of pure time commitment as well. Next week, over Christmas and the time surrounding I will be on call for work, meaning that I need to be ready and available at a moments notice to be here at the hospital. So much for any holiday travel plans I might have made, but since I only have one day off for Christmas, there really isn't many places I could be going.

It's a strange thing right now, there are a couple of trips I'd have like to have taken over break. A handful of my friends are heading to Kansas City to the OneThing conference over New Years, and I'd have also loved to have been able to join Crystal to go up to Cedar Campus and work at the International House Party and see one of my favorite places in the snow once again. Sadly, there's not enough time for either of those things, though after New Year's I am hoping to travel a little bit over a couple of weekends. I'll be going to Chicago New Year's weekend to see my dad and watch the Illini in the Rose Bowl, and the next weekend I'll be going up to Milwaukee to visit my friend Crystal. It has been a while since I've been travelling at all, so I'm pretty excited about both trips.

I'll also be doing some training for work after New Years, so that will be a nice change of pace. I'm not sure exactly where we'll be going for the training, but I know it won't be the same old same old for a few days time, and I'm sort of looking forward to being in a classroom type setting again.

In addition to all that we are going to have a couple of friends staying with us over the college's winter break, so our small house will be up to 5 residents for a few weeks, while at the same time we are going to be dogsitting our pastors dog for a couple of weeks. It should be at no lack for amusement and busyness. We'll that's about it, it has been a long year, and a lot has happened. Sometimes it seems like an overwhelming amount, yet at others it seems so short. A year ago I was living with my Dad in Indianapolis and I was pretty miserable to be honest. To be here now is a blessing, regardless of any disappointments along the way.

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we love you Josh

and you need get posting again!

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