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07 May 2007 

Hi, I'm a PC. And I'm a Jackass!

These Mac commercials are really starting to annoy me, and heightening my overall disdain for Apple on a daily basis. Aside from being a company that focuses a ridiculous amount of energy on "image" and "packaging," they also seem like, if they were a person, they would be that really self absorbed, arrogant jerk that everyone secretly dislikes. Their commercials are so misleading, I mean, there's actually nothing wrong with Macs, but they aren't that different than PCs, and for being the "non-conformist" brand of computer, they sure don't offer you many options. Sure... let me just put you and your Mac in this super slick, glossy, white package, just like everyone else.

Aside from the whole "image first" problem, I also have a major problem with their business practices. Say what you want about "evil" Microsoft, but Bill Gates has given more money away than anyone in the history of the world, and Jobs... well, Jobs is almost running Disney. And if that ain't evil... what is? In seriousness though, Apple knowingly violates all sorts of anti-trust laws, steals money from artists, monopolizes creative content, and sells really crappy mp3 players at an obscene mark up, because they can. Sorry for two ranting posts in a row, but... Apple sucks.