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01 January 2007 

Don't Go Away!

I know it has been a while since I've written much regularly, but don't go away, because there will be much more for you to be reading soon, I promise. Life has taken some unexpected twists recently, and I just wasn't in the mood, nor was it appropriate, to chronicle those things here. But I think that it's time to start filling these virtual pages with words again and soon. I think a little part of me goes away when I go too long without writing, and I am hoping to get that back here soon. An update on me, I'm still in Indy, and enjoying my first couple of weeks of work. I've decided to stay here in Indy until at least May, at which time I'll figure out what else is available to me both here and in other areas of import. Mary and I broke up, and it has been a very hard couple of weeks since then, but I feel like I'm slowly starting to become more and more of my old self with each day. I still haven't found a church home here, but I've been traveling too much to do much evaluation, in the next few weeks I hope to do some real work on that. And, I am hoping to start writing regularly, just to chronicle this very strategic and transitional time in my life, and to help my friends, scattered though they may be, understand what's going on, and perhaps bless them through my words. So, Happy New Year to all you out there, this is a very symbolic one for me, a fresh start I suppose, so let's make the most of it.

Thanks for the great trip this weekend! :)

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