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23 April 2007 

Attention crazy dems and liberals

I know you don't like the president, its hard to find people that do, but you cannot impeach a president just because you don't like him. And until you offer up some proof that he's done something the constitution considers an impeachable offense, stop QQing and deal with it.

And seriously, US Senators and congressmen/women, grow up. This is why no one likes you, politicians are duplicitous, conniving, and self-serving asshats most of the time, and all the fighting and useless bipartisan threats and insult slinging are not helping you do anything that actually allows you to represent the people from whom you derive your power.

And to anyone who reads this and thinks, "why is impeaching Bush a bad idea..." I'm not saying having another person in office would be a bad thing, but disabusing the power of impeachment is a surer way to destabilize our government than leaving him in power for 2 more years. It's not a popularity contest, live with it.

(note that I'm not calling all dems or liberals crazy, just the ones calling for unjustified impeachment)