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11 November 2006 

Once more into the Breach

Wow, this will be my last post from Cedar Campus. The last 3.5 months have absolutely flown by. I have been greatly blessed by being here. I have grown more than in the last two years and experienced a new dimension in my life. I leave a slightly different person, not changed, but matured, developed. There is a subtle difference (or maybe not so subtle) between living the life of a student and what I've experience here. I am and will forever be grateful for what God has taught me here. I think my friends will be surprised to find me somewhat less gregarious and more reserved. I feel that I've personally learned a lot about what the Lord has planned for my life, something of commitment, a great deal of love, and found out what I can achieve in the professional world.

I leave Cedar on November 13th, appropriate as a starting date as it is my 24th birthday. My plans for the next year are still rather ambiguous, but for the next 2 months I know I will be living in Indianapolis and working temp jobs until I can find a full time job in tech support/development or history/writing, or perhaps another tech job in the Champaign area until I can relocate somewhere to pursue a very special girl. Either way I feel more confident in knowing the calls that God has placed on my life regardless of location, and even more confident in the ability of God to use me and gift me for those purposes.

I can't wait to see all of you in Champaign next week and to start this new chapter. Thanks to everyone for thoughts and prayers these last months, and thanks to my special encourager and her endless depth of belief and support. Until next time... from locations anew... farewell.

I will see you as soon as I can... :)

Dang... I never got up there. So sad...

Do you have the same cell number? I tried calling you today, but I kept getting a "does not work" message. Not sure why... Email me!! :)

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