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08 September 2006 

A Slow News Day

Finding subjects worth writing on has been an interesting if futile exercise these last few weeks. My mind has been active, but mostly it is filled with things of a highly personal nature that I don't plan on sharing here. Cedar Campus is an amazing place, and just as beautiful in the fall as in the summer. So far, aside from the nights, it still feels like summer here. It's in the seventies most days, and only at night does it feel colder than it should for early September, but I'm told by the staff here that what we are experiencing now is a bit of an anomoly.

The work here has been largely interesting and engaging. I spent much of the first week fully emmercing myself in the tech system here, learning its ins and outs and the first weekend spent many hours working on a massive hardware upgrade to our wifi system and private lan. It was very exciting for me, not only because I learned so much, but because I found that I had a very solid base of skills for that sort of work. It was more natural than I expected, and I could feel my role expanding as we worked on it longer and longer. This past week, however, has been a little different. Because almost all of the fortysome crew that were here when I arrived have know left, feeding the camps staff and guests has become a critical operation, and everyone not tied down to something is being taken to the kitchen for help. So the last week I have spent it cooking and cleaning, making bread and pancakes and setting buffet lines. Not exactly what I had envisioned, but not disagreeable work either. It's a highly social atmosphere in the kitchen, which I enjoy, but the day stretches out much more than anywhere else, often working from 7am until 8pm with a few hours off between meals. It's nice reading time, but I would rather have my work be work and my time be my own.

I've been doing a lot of work on my life recently, mostly in the architectural stages, but I've spent several hours the last week in thinking through, praying over, and writing out a life plan. Committing to paper my priorities, goals, ambitions, and plans to achieve all those things. It's not close to done yet, as it seems to take quite as long just to think through each item as type it out, but I feel very good having started on it. It is starting to rain here, which means I had better post this before we lose the satellite feed. Maybe too late already. Peace.