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16 July 2006 

Complexly Intricate and Tangled

I've written two posts now and deleted them. The jist of my thoughts are this: that we cannot understand this world, we are ignorant and weak passengers, whether we admit it or not. Those who claim the world is simple decieve themselves and are like a blind man on a treadmill, their world will forever remain small. Those who think it complex and shudder can either close themselves off to what they can understand, thereby missing the beauty of intricacy, or head out into the depths of confusion. I have lived much of my life like a man on a treadmill, moving, but not going anywhere. Leaving our small spaces requires understanding the world, and for that we were left a map, but as the world is complex, so too is the map. And if we want to understand it we must trust it and study it. Christianity is complex because the world is complex, and the world is complex because its creator is complex, just as those created in his image, you and I.

If any relationship in this world is going to succeed, it must first come to that. I am complex and you are complex, but in that complexity is simplicity. The Creator, God, Christ. It is only when we understand each other in terms of Christ that we can love, but that is the only simplicity we have. Life is complex, relationships with each other can be no different. If you want to be loved, if you want to be understood, if you want to be validated, go to Jesus, answers are there. I think the greatest gift that we were given in God's image is the ability to question, and the answers our greatest peace. Seek the Answer.

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