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29 July 2006 


Twitterpated... you remember Bambi? That was a good word, I'm glad I read it tonight, and it made me think on somethings a bit. Twitterpation is nice, but oh so hard to come by. And... you know, you act like an idiot for a while, but for a while it is okay, cause there's this person and next to them everything else pales. I don't know how I feel about that as a picture of love, cause love is more gritty, but still, its a nice idea. I've been there, maybe still am :-).

I saw Lady in the Water tonight. It was good, it has recieved bad reviews, and I can see why, but I have to say to those people, what do you expect from your movies. As entertainment the movie shined. Shamalyan is wonderful autor. I love the ambience and nuiance in his movies. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lady in the Water to anyone, but leave your preconceptions at the door. Believe it when it calls itself a bedtime story, go in like a child, and accept what the story gives you. There's meaning to be found underneathe I suppose, but just watching it is oh so fun... I just wish he didn't feel like he had to put in all the tense *jumpy* moments. It's not really a thriller and when he does that he's just playing to all those people who want him to remake The Sixth Sense over and over again. As a filmmaker he has much more to offer than that, and if people would look past what they expect his films to be, they would appreciate that.

Tomorrow is my last day of work at the giftshop. I am somewhat saddened to see it go, it was a nice job, enjoyable even, but the week off for finals will be nice, even if I will be broke. So, the moral of this story is, see Lady in the Water, forget your expectations, and send me money. I love you, gnight.