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27 July 2006 

Quick! Before you Age!

At the insistence of Chad's latest entry I feel inclinded to write 23 separate thoughts that may or may not be entertaining.

1. My five year class reunion is happening this Saturday in a beer tent in my hometown's summer festival. I will not be going and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

2. The advertising industry is all at once infuriating and wonderful. I really enjoy especially funny or clever ads, but for each of those there are 5 nondescript ones and 10 that insult my intelligence. Especially henious recently are the helio "don't call it a phone" ads. If what I see on tv is any indication, it ought to be really easy for anyone with a shred of intelligence to find a job in advertising.

3. Recently I see theological themes in everything I watch. Of course, I'm the things I'm watching aren't especially subtle in their messages: Kingdom of Heaven, Superman Returns, and Firefly... but still, God is everywhere.

4. People who have their significant other close at hand are spoiled.

5. Reading frequently and for fun is one of the most satisfying and time consuming activities you can engage in. Between my religious reading of the Wheel of Time series and history class this summer I estimate I've read over 3000 pages in the six weeks since I returned from Cedar Campus. Yowza!

6. Yesterday I made two half-hour long walks in the rain and I actually enjoyed them both. Rain is only inconvenient if you let it be.

7. I've been engaging in a lot of politically thinking recently. Not along party or candidate lines, but along theoretical lines and whether I really am conservative. I think that I am not.

8. If I were more idealistic I would be a socialist, but unfortunately I can't muster that much confidence in people.

9. John McCain is the perfect man to be the next president, after that... if not him, then I think I'm moving to England.

10. I want to live in England when I am married. Or some other English speaking foreign nation. Just me and my wife and lots of people with funny accents. Life couldn't be better.

11. Sometimes my friends call me at 6 in the morning, and I answer.

12. I've decided to buy a pipe and become a pipe guy. Lot's of people frown on smoking, but obviously, they have never smoked a pipe. Though I feel odd smoking it where others can see.

13. World of Warcraft is an amazing immersive experience. In terms of storytelling and lore creation, it is really something to be admired, on a par with the tales of Middle Earth or Oz, more so than Oz in fact.

14. It irks me that videogames are not considered worthwhile contributions to the realm of human creativity. Why is wasting 20 hours reading a book considered better for you than 20 hours absorbed in a masterfully crafted game world. In my opinion they are comparable experiences.

15. Is Al Gore going to try to run for President again? I liked him in 2000 but despite his image change I think he's just fanning the flames these days.

16. You cannot legislate morality. Why should I vote for President based on whether or not they support abortion or gay marriage when their job is to take care of things like education and infrastructure.

17. Does anyone really think that republicans are actually more moral than democrats? A republican is pro-life because their part demands it, it reflects nothing on the morality of the person as a whole.

18. I really do not believe that President Bush is as religious as people make him out to be, I love the fact that his offhand comments were caught by that mic at the G8 summit. I like that our president swears in front of other world leaders, and I also hope it shows something of his character to those who think him a Christian role model. Guffaw!

19. Attention mindless liberals: You cannot impeach a president because you do not like him, he has to actually break the law as defined by the legislative body you elected. Live with it, and maybe learn to think for yourselves.

20. It has been a long time since I've been swimming, and strangely, I miss it.

21. I enjoy the way that women conduct conversations more than men, that is to say, I generally enjoy talking with women more than men, cause women listen more.

22. GoodEats is my favorite television show. I really want it on DVD, someday I hope to cook everything that he does on that show. Someday.

23. Christians need to stop worrying and thinking about the rapture. I believe the bible is pretty clear on this. Expect it, but other than that... just live.

That was fun, thanks Chad!

It's about time someone updates their journal!!! :) THANK YOU!

Dude, you're about as conservative a person as I've ever met in my life. Every time I've tried to present a liberal counter-viewpoint, you've quickly responded with Christianity, and that's fine.

Unless you've changed a ton in the past year, you're still toeing the party line...the Christianity line (which is inherently conservative for 95% of the population).

I'm not debating that, socially at least, but I'm increasingly becoming angered at the conotations of the words conservative and liberal. Socially yes, I'm very conservative, but fiscally I'm not, I don't favor a small government, taxbreaks, or upholding the status quo. Maybe today the question is more right vs. left, capitalism vs communism...but this is all part of my point... people are all just being lumped together as conservatives, when in reality there are likey very few things they hold in agreement.

The reason people get lumped is because 99% of the socially conservative population hasn't taken time to look beyond the Christian rhetoric. For a religious person, do you think they're going to place more weight on their moral views, or on tax breaks, small government, and upholding the status quo? The reality is most Christians haven't thought about that stuff, and even if they have, that stuff is less important than the moral views. Which again, is fine--those are important issues, and as you know, I subscribed to a number of them as well.

As you say though, none of that shit is ever going to get taken care of politically, at least not all at once. It'll take years and years of social change (social change that won't happen period with Democrats in power) to move that direction. You're seeing it now as abortion keeps getting picked at to narrow down the scope of the legality.

The reality historically is that the Democrats often preside over the economic booms, but they also create the economic lows with their theory. Both parties are needed, both viewpoints are needed.

Bottom Line of my rant: the actual politics, the stuff that can get taken care of by people running on even numbered years in November, is the shit people either don't care about or can't see out of the religion-box enough to actually vote on. If you can, good for you, you're an exception to the rule.

:-) That's exactly what I meant. I think we agree.

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