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23 June 2006 

Evangelicals. Uck.

/begin rant.

Evangelicals is becoming a dirty word to me. Not that I have a problem with the word itself, the root of which is evangelism, namely telling people the gospel. The problem I have is with the people who call themselves Evangelicals. What happened to Christians? If you tell me you're a Christian, I know what that means. But if you tell me your an Evangelical, I have no idea. What I hear is that you probably have a weak grip of scripture and you run around like a kid with a sword cutting people with the Word of God. Not in all cases, but in some. Take this quote from a recent L.A. Times article.

"Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the Earth and tell everyone how they could achieve eternal life."

Well, kindof. What Jesus actually said to his disciples was "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Whats the difference you say? Well, Jesus didn't say, "Go tell the gospel to people from every nation." He said to "make disciples." That's a significant difference. And too many (IMO) evangelicals today put far too much on the go and the all nations part and far too little on the "make disciples."

Something that also bugs me is there seeming motivation for all this. They want missionaries in all parts of the world so that Jesus can come back? Um. I really don't think that that's God's will. If Jesus had come to empower us to make his second coming possible, I think he would have mentioned it more in the gospels. These people want so badly the next world, not understanding that the Kingdom and indeed, eternal life, start now. Jesus said, "I come so that you may have life, and have it to the full." It's not a race to heaven, its a race to God, and he's available here and now. Maybe if more evangelicals understood discipleship better, understood God better, this would be better reflected in the world.

"Jews and others who don't accept Jesus, he added matter-of-factly, re toast.'"

Strangely enough, this is my favorite quote from the article. This guy actually has a biblical idea, that Jesus is the only way to God. People get ripped on so frequently for saying that, but we can only echo the words of Christ himself. "I am the way the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but through me." So many Christians will eschew that in their theology. "Maybe there are other ways to God," or "Jesus is good, but not for everybody." Christians who say that are making Jesus out to be a liar, and personally I dont want to follow a God who lies. And as harsh as it sounds, this guy has a good reason for wanting to evangelize the world. Because lost people, all people, need Jesus. Or they are "toast."

/end rant.

Hey! Did this develop separately or were you inspired by my post for the day?


Not so much by your post as by the article itself. But yes, I agree with you. You should make your way down to Champaign if you get back to the area this summer. I'll be here until August at least. Either way, I'll see you at the fest.

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