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28 June 2006 


"so you're gone, but I know you're not so far away
you're a call on the phone or a ride on a plane
but that just isn't the same, but that's okay
cause the older I get the more that life is makin sense
and it's similar to traffic or being president
cause I'm not the one in control"

Why do I always keep coming back to the same songs over and over again? And how can I listen to them and see myself through them in so many different situations? And how has Caedmon's Call managed to write a song to go with almost every stage I've gone through in the last two years?

I am very nostalgic tonight. I want people, a lot of people, or just one person, but both are not to be right now. I was living in the moment, I fear I'm wishing for the future again. Or maybe the past. Either way, it's not where I want to be.

"...and maybe you're the dream I'm waking from,
I see you everywhere I go,
and darling you are such a mystery to me, you know...
don't you know... that love is different than you'd think,
it's never in a song, or on a TV screen,
love is harder than a word said at the right time,
and everything's alright,
love is different than you'd think..."

I'm musing some thoughts very deeply right now. I hate how you almost get an idea out of your head and then someone says something that you can't ignore. Like a sign. Gah. I hate running away from God, and... I miss you.