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08 May 2006 

Too busy to blog?

This week is turning out to be just a bit too hectic to spend any time writing down my thoughts in earnest. I've got a couple entries floating around in my head, hopefully I'll be posting on them soon. I want to do an entry on an article I read about the Catholic church in China and the Vatican going to war with them and another about the new film United 93. Look for those in the next week or so. This week starts with a final tomorrow morning and ends with a paper due Friday afternoon and about a million things in between there. Only in college do they expect you to do 60% of your semesters work, tie up every lose in imaginable, and move out of your place all in the same week.

Anyway, check out my newest internet addiction: digg.com. And! E3 starts this week! I will definitely be posting my thoughts on Nintendo's press conference Tuesday night and I'll be linking to stories coming out of E3 all week. And I hate to say it but I think the Wii is growing on me. Audibly it is still dubious, but as a visual symbol it really works well, and who will care once we see the games. My last prediction for the Wii? A $199 launch in early September.