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15 April 2006 

Elizabethtown is...

An amazing film. I borrowed it from Bryan a couple of weeks ago and just tonight ended up watching it with Matzo, Jonell and Ryan upstairs. I'm sorry I waited so long. It was a really good movie. It was able to make me simultaneously laugh out loud and be introspective. It was not so emotional as I expected, but it was real in a very ideal way. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean that it is all completely plausible, but only in a very perfect setting. No one talks like them really, but people could if they said what they wanted or had the time to go back and think about it. There were a number of moments where I was the main character, and a number of moments where I was thankful that I wasn't. It made me think alot about relationships in my life. Especially with my Dad and Mary. I've never really thought about what a blessing it is for them to know each other, for her to know that part of me. And I don't think enough about what a blessing it is to have the oppurtunity to take rides with my dad and talk. I can think of several roadtrip talks my dad and I have had over the years, and the trip at the end of the movie would be custom made for us I think. I think the point is that you can be buddies with your dad someday I want to have that relationship with my son. I'm glad that I watched it, and I hope to soon acquire the soundtrack and the DVD eventually. It was that good, something I want to watch again... something I want to share with my dad, and Mary. A five out of five.

Welcome to your new digs

I really enjoyed hanging out with the guys, of course! Hehe... :) Seriously though, thank you for including me!

Heck yeah that movie is awesome!

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