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27 August 2008 

Welcoming September

Summer is over. And with that official announcement, let us all mourn it not and move into the fall. Fall is a great time of the year, the weather is superb, the morning air through open windows makes waking up very nearly enjoyable, and all the best foods come up for harvest. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday, not to mention apples, pumpkin carving, and the leaves changing. The air will soon be cool enough for jackets, crisp mornings and frosty breath, it should be sad, but it always fills me with the best feelings.

In my last post, way back in May, I wrote about how I felt that because my views, opinions, etc. were so in flux, I felt as though I had nothing to write which anyone would find to be compelling reading. In the intervening months I think I've come to reevaluate that position. I might not feel as confident in writing about something in a definitive or declarative way, but I can still offer my thoughts, my opinions, flawed and living as they may be, to offer them up for refining as it were. I'm grateful for all of you who are still reading, my continual promises to resume posting must be tiresome by now, but I think your faith may someday actually be rewarded.

In this post I won't have much to say, mainly as I'm writing over my afternoon break at work, but it is at times of transition that I often feel the most need to write and update this page. This for me has been the last week of summer, next week I start taking a Spanish class two nights a week at Parkland, and the week after that the small group that I lead will resume for the fall and winter months. This summer saw lots of changes; continued slow (so slow) weight loss, I got a bike and became a "cyclist," I got involved in a new Christian fellowship, went to Cedar Campus, received a promotion at work, got an iPhone (awesome phone, though I'm still embarrassed to be owning an Apple product), lost a roommate, gained a roommate, started identifying myself as a liberal politically, and started a relationship . All in all, life this fall will be much busier then the spring that preceded it, but I've become convinced that this is a good thing.

Not knowing the answer is fine, just as long as one doesn't stop seeking after it. It might even be more engaging to write about seeking after answers then finding them, who knows. I will try to be writing more, one of my goals is to make it a discipline over the coming months, hopefully we can all reap the fruits of that.

(I've just made plans to go biking or swimming with a very pretty girl this weekend, perhaps the summer is not dead yet after all...)

By girl do you mean woman? :)

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