10 June 2007 

I had a good day today.

Well.... I still can't really post about things that are happening in my life right now. But things are good, amen? (Preach it!) Haha. I am having a very good week, and God has been gracious enough to lift many burdens from my mind this week. They say when it rains, it pours, and I have often found that to be quite true, no less so in the last few days. I think that sometimes we spend a lot of time walking through the valleys of life, and when those rains come its good to be washed away in the flood. I have been using the word "lighter" to describe the way I feel recently. I think that for me, my overall level of happiness rarely changes from week to week, month to month. Even in a very sad period, I still enjoy life in general. That doesn't mean that I'm not more cynical at certain times than others, or less contented, but I really don't feel like I ever get just down down. I hope that that's an expression of joy in my life. I realize that I don't really notice when I'm complaining or being cynical because I don't really have my heart in it. Sometimes life is just not great, and so my thoughts mirror that, but I don't think my spirit does.

I really long to post on here some of what's happening that has me so excited right now, but I just can't for several reasons, but soon I will be able to, probably in about a week or so. Until then, I'm afraid you're just going to have to ask me about what's happening. Haha, I'm just so... happy right now. Sometimes the world just seems right, and there are so many good things to get us through life. So yah... good days.

06 June 2007 

every day is a one act play...

I was born to laugh
I learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love
I'm gonna learn to love without fear

Pour me a glass of wine
Talk deep into the night
Who knows what we'll find

Intuition, deja vu
The Holy Ghost haunting you
Whatever you got
I don't mind

Put your elbows on the table
I'll listen long as I am able
There's nowhere I'd rather be

Secret fears, the supernatural
Thank God for this new laughter
Thank God the joke's on me

We've seen the landfill rainbow
We've seen the junkyard of love
Baby it's no place for you and me

I was born to laugh
I learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love
I'm gonna learn to love without fear
Born- Over the Rhine

Hush now my sweet little noisy boy
There is trouble enough in the world
Pick up your feet little lazy boy
Come dance with your little girl

Spin me 'round this kitchen floor
Like a carnaval
I know we're only two-bit clowns
In a one-ring circus

But make me a little bit dizzy boy
Swing me on your trapeze
When I'm in the arms of my dreamy boy
It still makes me weak in the knees

Right here on this record player
Is our scratchy song
We're alone
Slide trombones like an orchestra
Full of fortune tellers

Come now my sweet little breathing boy
I'm listening hard to your heart
It's as strong as a lion's boy
Let's leave here and make a new start

I remember once you said
Lying in this bed
The past is dead
Everyday is a one-act play
Without an ending
Hush -Over the Rhine