23 April 2007 

Attention crazy dems and liberals

I know you don't like the president, its hard to find people that do, but you cannot impeach a president just because you don't like him. And until you offer up some proof that he's done something the constitution considers an impeachable offense, stop QQing and deal with it.

And seriously, US Senators and congressmen/women, grow up. This is why no one likes you, politicians are duplicitous, conniving, and self-serving asshats most of the time, and all the fighting and useless bipartisan threats and insult slinging are not helping you do anything that actually allows you to represent the people from whom you derive your power.

And to anyone who reads this and thinks, "why is impeaching Bush a bad idea..." I'm not saying having another person in office would be a bad thing, but disabusing the power of impeachment is a surer way to destabilize our government than leaving him in power for 2 more years. It's not a popularity contest, live with it.

(note that I'm not calling all dems or liberals crazy, just the ones calling for unjustified impeachment)

04 April 2007 

Changes afoot

It's official, I'm moving to Champaign in the next two months. No, I don't have a job lined up yet, but I've decided it's not worth it to stay here. I've been feeling unlucky for the past year or so, and yeah, there's been a lot of bad things happen to me, it hasn't exactly been my year, and even though a lot of that was just life, things that I couldn't control, I'm tired of things kicking me around, and while I can't change what's happened, I can change how I'm going to respond and I'm done sitting here. Nothing good is going to start happening sitting on my bum here in Indy. So, get ready Champaign, I'm coming for you.

In other news, it's baseball season! The cardinals will have a hard time topping last year, but it's good to have them back, and I can't wait to get to a couple of games this summer and seeing the new stadium. It's one of those parts of the year that is always just amazing, and even though they've lost their first two games to the Mets, they won't keep losing for long, and there's still the Cubs to beat 15 or 16 times this season.

This weekend I'm heading to Champaign to visit some friends, talk with some potential roommates and look around at housing. I'm also planning to go see the new TMNT movie with some friends from Urbana, and I'm guessing I'll end up doing a few more unforeseen things that will be a lot of fun.

In Indy news, not much is happening. My bible study is reading Irresistible Revolution right now, and thats been fun, but I am not able to make it there every week because its so far away. I really took for granted having my community living all around me. In some since, is a community you only see 2 hours a week and have to drive an hour to see really a community? I don't know, but they are a blessing in many ways and until I can't get back to Champaign I'll have to be content.

Online, my World of Warcraft guild is about to enter Karazhan, which will be my first taste of high end raid content. It's a lot more organized that I anticipated, but I'm enjoying the new play style of endgame content. Playing as part of a 10 or 25 man team is much different from leveling and playing a character solo, but it allows you to plan ahead and know when you'll be able to be online with your friends and when it'd be better to do more real life things.

Speaking of real life things, I think its about time I started getting out some more. I'd almost like to start dating. In some ways it would seem weird, like admitting that the past really is... well, past, but I would just like to go out and have some fun evenings with someone. I have so many ideas for dates, but right now it seems like I'm just not in a situation to ask anyone. And that's fine for now, but the idea is becoming appealing at least.

I don't think I've been home to Girard since Christmas, and honestly, I don't feel like going back now. It's not a place of belonging. I don't know if I have one anymore. Maybe Champaign, or maybe Cedar, but Champaign is constantly changing, and in a few years the things that made that place home will all be gone, spread out across the country. And Cedar is just too... much for me right now. I think belonging there would be just a bit to uncomfortable at the moment, and I'm not ready for that.

What prompted this seemingly random rant? Well, it was something, that's for sure, but I think I just realized that waiting for things to happen isnt going to get me anywhere. And while, to this point, most of my plans have been dashed violently against the rocks of misfortune, I think that's no excuse to stop moving forward. Like Rocky said, "nobody or nothin' is gonna hit you harder than life, but it's not about how you can hit back, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." So, you know what, bring it on life, I'm sure you've got more punches to through, but I think I've learned a thing or two about taking it on the chin, so let's go at it again.